Custom Electronics

From an idea to a final product, we have the capability to design and produce electronics and electrical devices from the ground-up. Our designs have been used in industry, scientific research, and by individuals.

Scientific Instrumentation

We specialize in high performance and application specific electronic circuits that can enhance or augment your ability to conduct world changing research.

Additive Manufacturing

We are constantly designing new products to improve the world around us. We are multiple material capable and have the technology to print in many materials from PLA to 17-4 PH stainless steel.

Our Capabilities

We offer a diverse and constantly expanding range of capabilities in electronics design and fabrication.

High Performance Analog Circuits

Getting your signal from the source to your data acquisition system with the right gain, filtering, and bandwidth is one of the most critical elements in instrumentation today. We can design a variety of analog circuitry to fit your needs. Just a few of the circuit elements that we've designed include transistor and op-amp based amplifiers, detection circuits, and signal filters.

Printed Circuit Board Layout

With our substantial level of experience in real world PCB layouts for performance, manufacturability, and aesthetics we can help you get from schematics to a beautiful and functional board that is ready to populate. We are able to design 2 and 4-layer boards in various materials, colors, and form factors.

Embedded System Design

We are able to design and integrate a number of microcontrollers into projects, interfacing with sensors, hosts, and other digital components. We have experience on a variety of platforms, including Arduino, Atmel AVR, ESP8266, ESP32, and the AM335x PRU.

Product Engineering

By combining our electrical expertise with our experience in mechanical design and additive manufacturing, we have the ability to rapidly create a wide range of complete products.

High Voltage

We have experience generating and switching voltages of up to 10kV in mass spectrometers and other scientific instruments.

Detection and Control Devices

Clever PCB design can often be used to create unique and low cost ways of detecting and interacting with the world.

Additive Manufacturing

We are able to rapidly prototype parts in a wide range of materials.

Thermoplastic 3D Printing

We offer printing in classic, low cost PLA and ABS, as well as a light and tough carbon impregnated nylon.

Metal 3D Printing

For the ultimate in strength, we offer 3D metal printing in 17-4 PH stainless steel.

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